Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2009 “Miracle Mile Parade” Will Honor Hoosier Heroes

MZD Advertising will be providing all of the advertising, marketing and public relations for the 2009 Miracle Mile Parade.

Following its triumphant revival in 2007 and a successful sequel in 2008, the “Miracle Mile Parade” will once again grace the streets of Indianapolis’ Southside beginning at 1 p.m. on Sept. 5, 2009.

This year’s parade theme is “Honoring Hoosier Heroes”. In keeping with that theme, the Grand Marshal for this year’s parade is the Adjutant General of the Indiana National Guard, Major General R. Martin Umbarger.

Pictured (from left to right) are: Bart McAtee, a 2010 candidate for Marion County Sheriff; David Ayers, MZD’s Public Relations Director; Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Major Clifford Myers; Col. Kenneth E. Ring, Jr., Indiana National Guard, Director of Operations and Training; Bryan Apolskis, event specialist, Sequence Sport Event Management; David Begemann, Engineer, IFD; Brian Sanford – IFD Chief of Fire; Kiley Kellermeyer, MZD Public Relations Executive; Lesley Warren; David Bogemann – IFD; Matt Keating, MZD Public Relations Executive; Allan Zukerman, MZD CEO; Micki Sheridan, MZD Account Executive; Jason Acquisto, Director of MZD Interactive and Rich Lunseth, MZD Creative Director.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sometimes I Like to Drive

by Jason Acquisto
Director, MZD Interactive

Remember when you first got your driver's license? What was your first car? Mine was a 1983 Toyota Tercel. Yeah baby! I had 6 x 9 speakers mounted in the back seat, a Pioneer cassette deck. Yeah, you could say it was a little awesome. But the greatest part was, I was able to drive myself. No longer did I have to depend on someone else - I was "in control".

Okay, now here's my analogy. We shouldn't let technology drive us. Instead of figuring out how to fit some new gadget into our lives, we should set up our lives and then use technology as it fits. Example? The iPhone. What a gorgeous creation. What an absolutely drool-worthy gadget. But ... for me? I have my smart phone, mobile Internet and messaging device (the vastly underrated Samsung Blackjack) and portable digital music player (the iconic 4th generation iPod Nano) already covered. So I can't really "fit" this uber-cool tool into my repertoire. Do I still want one? Shut up. Of course I do. But not getting one gives me a sense of being "in control".

Is this some kind of personal statement against the Orwellian rise of the machines as foretold in the ancient book of Steve Jobs?
Nah. Bring on the prophecy. Bring on HAL. I can dig it. I can dig it all. In fact, when the time is right, I'll probably own at least one version of the iPhone. But not today.

It's just that sometimes I like to feel the road, just to remind me that you, know - I'm the man. Yup. Sometimes I like to drive.

Monday, April 13, 2009

All in the Facebook family: older generations join social networks

(CNN) -- Penny Ireland's family is so scattered around the world that Facebook, the popular social networking site, has become the family's No. 1 way to communicate.

The fastest-growing age group on Facebook is women older than 55, Inside Facebook says.

The fastest-growing age group on Facebook is women older than 55, Inside Facebook says.


"We call it our living room," the 56-year-old mother said by phone from her home in Houston, Texas. "Everybody can tell what everybody else is doing."

"Everybody" includes Ireland's five kids and her 83-year-old mother, who has a Facebook profile she accesses daily, Ireland said.

While online social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are known hang-outs for younger adults and teenagers, older generations in recent months have been taking to the medium at a faster rate than any other age group, according to industry reports.

Many of these older folks use social networks to keep tabs on younger family members and they often find fruitful connections with their peers after they've friended all of their kids and grandkids, according to an informal survey by Stanford University professor BJ Fogg. Join a conversation on this topic at CNN's Facebook page

The trend is still relatively confined. Only about 7 percent of people older than 65 have online social-networking profiles, according to research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

But Facebook's popularity is growing most quickly among women older than 55, according to a site called Inside Facebook, which tracks Facebook's growth.

For the entire article, click here CNN Facebook article

Did you know?

This is my favorite thing at the moment.

- Jason Acquisto, MZDi