Friday, September 3, 2010

MZD selected by Indiana War Memorial Foundation to develop major fundraising campaign

We're happy to announce our new partnership with the Indiana War Memorial Foundation. For those who may not be familiar, the Indiana War Memorials honor the Hoosier veterans and volunteers who served in and assisted our United States Armed Forces. Located in downtown Indianapolis, the Indiana War Memorials is second only to Washington, D.C. in the amount of acreage and number of monuments dedicated to veterans.

MZD will develop a major campaign to assist the Indiana War Memorial Foundation in fundraising for the Indiana War Memorials. It will consist of traditional and interactive pieces; from a "showcase" video to mobile fundraising to an interactive website and social media sites, all designed to raise money to help support the Indiana War Memorial Foundation's mission.

We're excited to learn more and share with others the history of this hidden treasure, the Indiana War Memorials.

Press Release:

INDIANAPOLIS – MZD Advertising was recently selected by the Indiana War Memorial Foundation to help develop a major fundraising campaign to support the efforts of the foundation and the museum.

“MZD has been given the task of making our entire state aware of the gallant Hoosier men and women who participated in the many battles to keep us free, and the many who stayed at home and built the weapons of war to help us overcome our enemies” said Allan Zukerman, Chairman/CEO of MZD. “We want to raise the funds needed to keep our Indiana War Memorial the proud building it is, so all of us can remember the past and honor our future heroes.”

Zukerman said the staff of The Indiana War Memorial Foundation would also like to see the number of schools visiting the memorial increase each year.

MZD would also be shooting a video about the World War Memorial; designing brochures about the Indiana World War Memorial planned endowment and additional web site development.

Brig. Gen. J. Stewart Goodwin, Executive Director of Indiana War Memorials, said, “The Indiana War Memorial is very excited about MZD promoting our two museums and the 24 acres of properties we maintain to honor Hoosier veterans. Every day visitors tell us they have lived in Indiana for years and did not know what an amazing facility we operate. Lack of exposure is the primary reason we asked the Indiana War Memorial foundation to assist us in locating a firm that could heighten the awareness of our properties.”

Goodwin added that “The Eli Lilly Civil War Museum located under the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, plus the 30,000 square foot museum located in the Indiana War Memorial, along with the USS Indianapolis Memorial on the Canal are must see attractions for every Hoosier and visitor to our city. MZD has a proven record of promoting entities and we are positive they will be able to tell the story of the great military accomplishment made by Hoosiers throughout our nation’s history.”

Jim Campbell, President of the Indiana World War Memorial, said the Memorials throughout downtown, including the Monument on the Circle in the heart of the city, represent those who sacrificed to maintain our freedoms.

“The Indiana War Memorials Foundation Board has its mission to honor Indiana veterans,” Campbell said. “We have retrained MZD to help us on our effort to bring awareness and express appreciation to those Hoosiers who served in the military. We hope to encourage visitors to experience the Memorials and have students participate in history and allow visitors to share our commitment to military heroes.”

MZD Director Blair Englehart said, “We are honored to be selected to handle this most important assignment. This is a statewide campaign to build awareness and raise funds for the War Memorial which is a national treasure sitting in the middle of downtown Indianapolis.”

MZD Advertising will also provide the Indiana War Memorial with marketing support and enhance their social marketing tools. Erik Faigh, MZD’s Interactive Strategist, said, “MZD is implementing a social media campaign to raise awareness across the state of Indiana and the Midwest about the Indiana War Memorial, which includes rental of the properties for events. We will also be conducting online fundraising through a new interactive website for the War Memorial and we are planning a mobile donation campaign for them.”

About Indiana World War Memorial
In the memorial, on the upper level, is the breathtaking Shrine Room, symbolizing peace and unity. It is decorated with materials from all over the world, symbolic of the world wide nature of the "Great War."

The 24 blood red pillars made of Vermont marble support the vast ceiling. Hanging in the center of the room is the Star of Destiny made of Swedish Crystal to guide the welfare of the nation. Below that is the flag of the United States. In the center of the room, below the flag, is the Altar of Consecration, the altar to the flag. The altar inspires good citizenship and is a place to remember fallen soldiers and comrades. People who visit the Shrine Room leave with a renewed sense of patriotism and an appreciation for the sacrifices of those who fought in the "Great War.”

The main floor houses exhibit space, the administrative offices, two meeting rooms, and the 500-seat Pershing Auditorium. Listed on this level are the names of all Hoosiers who participated in WW I.

The building also contains a free military museum that portrays the history of Indiana's gallant veterans from the Battle of Tippecanoe, through all the wars in which the U.S. has been engaged, to the present.

Among the interesting items on display is the commission plate of the battleship USS Indiana, numerous military firearms, a Vietnam/Gulf War era helicopter, a Navy Walleye Missile that can be armed with an atomic nuclear war head, a complete working replica of the radio room from the USS Indianapolis, and thousands of other artifacts, photos and documents.